Key Features
● Price: 1,000 VP
● Free Track Highlights
○ Tilde Shorty
○ Epilogue: Setting Records Player Card
○ Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all Spray
○ Cat-Eye Gun Buddy
○ Boot Camp // Two Mountains Player Card

● Paid Track Highlights
○ Tilde Operator
○ Tilde Knife
○ Signature Sheriff
○ Topotek Phantom
○ Omen Cat Dance Spray
○ Boot Camp // Stealth Module Player Card
○ Extra Crispy Gun Buddy

Developer Q&A
Q: What were your goals when designing the Episode 6, Act II Battlepass?
A: With this Battlepass, we wanted to lean further into self-expression than we had
before. Our players are passionate about so many things: art, sports, music, food,

clothes–the list goes on. We tried to look at these passions as opportunities for
expression in VALORANT. We also wanted to experiment with new styles of illustration
and artwork. In this Battlepass you’ll see new takes on our chibi style sprays and tacti-
animal cards.

Laura Baltzer, Producer

Q: What did you take inspiration from / any notable concepts you wanted to convey
with the Episode 6, Act II Battlepass?
A: There were so many different things we were inspired by for this pass, but they were
all related to our players and what they find inspiring. For example, the Tilde and
Signature skinlines were inspired by the style and expression seen in street art and street
wear. Player cards like Setting Records and Pixel Moments take VALORANT characters
and morph them into new styles. No list of passions and expressions would be complete
without dance, so of course we had to include the Omen Cat Dance Spray. We hope
players find something that feels especially made for them in this pass.

Laura Baltzer, Producer

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