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Druidz E-Sports and Druidz E-Sports Sweden

It is impossible as Sweden’s largest organization not to be involved in helping to strengthen the E-Sport with all our competence and years of experience from both games and players as well as tournaments and events. It is obvious for us to help organizers to make cups and events better that in turn makes the working environment better for our players. We have a lot of confidence to manage and we do this by working in several areas.

Andreas ‘Shades’ Westman – Managing Director, Team Druidz E-Sport

Druidz History – The Creation of a Multigaming organization

Druidz E-Sports has since its inception in 1994 always had the pleasure and interest in Console and PC Gaming. Druidz began with 7 friends with the common interest of building computers and gaming but also interest to get more people to join in on the fun. Therefore local LANs were arranged where Druidz helped out so that as many as possible could participate; everything from borrowing monitors and computers to changing graphics card so that the old card could be inherited and thus helping each other.

Around the year 2000, Druidz grew from just being a small group of Quake players to having a Battlefield Vietnam team who migrated to Battlefield 2 as soon as it was released. Shortly after this Druidz was on its way to become what it is today with the start of a Counter Strike 1.6 team joined.

Druidz has tried to gather like-minded people into Druidz and convey Druidz mindset and strengthen the players’ voices in society. With the Druidz players’ shared value we can create a single format (type, format, I think he is aiming for ALL players should play on the same ruleset, etc) and strengthen E-Sport in Sweden. The more we are together, the stronger we are and the more we can help each other and have a bigger influence.

Druidz history in the Organization

  Druidz E-Sports has since its inception in 1994 always had the pleasure and interest in Console and PC Gaming. Druidz began by 7 pc friends with a common interest in computer building and gaming.  Also a social thought that we wanted to get everyone else to have as much fun as we do. Therefore, organized local LANs and we at Druidz helped so that as many people as possible could participate. Everything from borrowing screens to computers, but we also helped to change the graphics card so that if someone bought a new one the next person inherited the old and so we helped each other out. Around 2000 is when Druidz began to grow from being just a Quake player so we went on to play Battlefield Vietnam and when Battlefield 2 was released from DICE was a big hit. Shortly after the start of a Counter Strike 1.6 and Druidz was then on the road to the organization we are today. Druidz have tried to gather like-minded people with the same name and be able to convey Druidz mindset and strengthen the players’ voices in society. With Druidz players shared value because we can create a format and also strengthen the E-sport in Sweden in a positive way. The more we are together, the stronger we are and the more we can help each other, and the more we can influence.

Druidz values ​​- As an individual in a larger context

Zero tolerance for cheating.

 Those with the resources we have access to support and assist our members, it can be anything from support or products from sponsors, but it can also involve financial support. It’s all about what degree and in what way it benefits the player or the team best. Druidz is an organization with a wide range of players as well as amateurs Professionals. 

Druidz players should conduct themselves in a professional and mature manner. As a player in Druidz you should understand other players in other games and respond to all players regardless of gender, platform or gaming interests in such a nice and understanding way as possible. Druidz thinks we the players are a small part and we should help each other towards a common goal and that is to bring the message of E-Sports. That alone, we have difficulty getting our voice heard, but as an individual in a larger context, we are a voice to be reckoned with.     

Druidz political work – more than just a game 

    Druidz E-Sport works in more ways than just playing. Druidz E-Sports Sweden working hard politically to strengthen e-sports as sport and popular sport in Sweden. Some of this work is the project we are working on with the Youth Board and with Goodgame for almost 2 years. We work simultaneously with several games such as Community’s quakelive.se and news portal ctrlaltelite.se. By participating actively in news reporting and design, we take our responsibility for the E-Gate portrayed. We strongly reject that girls are objectified but want them in exactly the same conditions represented in text and images equality with guys, where the focus of course is on the player and E-Gate. Just so we do not think there is any reason to write news in a negative way about the E-sport, we have a responsibility to show the E-sport in the most positive manner possible, and in case it is not possible, we choose not to publish. This applies to our own and the pages we work with.

Druidz events and events – Together we build E-Sports

Druidz E-Sport Sweden has other projects that we are working in parallel, and one of these is the Event and events. Druidz has for several years worked to create gaming events such as release parties or release event for games with Activision ® and Microsoft ®. Some games we promoted the latest Modern Warfare 2 ™ but also ET: Quake World ™, Wolfenstein ™, Halo ODST ™ and Guitar Hero 3 ™. In this area we also work with experiences such as larger LAN where we can help with everything from admin to sponsors for the event. Druidz E-Sports Sweden working hard cups and leagues and has currently cooperation with 6 internet cafes where we helping with tournaments and cupperna. Everything from sponsor, support or even manage the entire tournament.

  Druidz E-sports and Druidz E-Sports Sweden   Druidz E-Sports and Druidz E-Sports Sweden are working to improve the E-Gate and to strengthen its practitioners in their common goal of E-sport is obvious position in Sweden and Europe as a popular sport and expert performer. 

Druidz E-Sport works at both amateur level professional levels to help players and strengthen them in their goal to practice a sport. 

Druidz E-Sports SWEDEN working to strengthen the E-sport at the amateur level, welling thought out and professionally executed events and tournaments  and by the political commitment at the national level through the youth board and at the municipal level by local initiatives that our smaller games compounds. Druidz has about 1000 members and about four different compounds that are all united under Druidz main compound. More about the association can be found on the website where the statutes also available.     

Druidz Fire

 During Druidz E-Sports is Double KO fighting game compound in Jönköping
CTRLALTELITE.se: media site focused on game reviews and game events.
Platform: We also have a large project called Play Clean Launched in 2011, where Platform bit is Druidz responsibility.
Electronic Sports World Cup ESWC Sweden: Swedish qualifiers for E-Sports in various games. Momentum Podcast and Livecast: Momentum is a software idea and a format taken by Andreas W. and David M which includes live broadcasts in both audio-visual formats.