Get ready to defy all odds, the 2023 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational will begin May 2! […]
Valorant Patch Notes 6.07 Also in this patch notes: Sova’s Recon Bolt has some updates and there […]
Dark future gets light treatment with the new limited OLED poster by Displate. With the Phantom Liberty […]
Amazon Prime Gaming har fördjupat sitt samarbete med Riot Games för att göra spelen ännubättre för Amazon […]
Hello there League players one and all. I’m Terra “Riot Yasuna” Ray, a producer on the Summoner’s […]
Hey everyone, Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and Riot Pupulasers here with another TL;DW of today’s Dev Update. Video […]
AGENT UPDATESGekko ● Wingman’s (Q) Plant and Defuse targeting has been improved in order to targethigher locations.● […]
Key FeaturesBattlepass● Price: 1,000 VP● Free Track Highlights ○ Tilde Shorty ○ Epilogue: Setting Records Player Card […]
The update builds on TFT’s Monsters Attack!, giving players a chance to indulge their evil impulses as […]
Howdy, all; 2023 is here! All of us on the Legends of Runeterra team want to invite […]