T1 vs WeiboGaming Worlds Final Sunday–19 November



TheShy, Weiwei, Xiaohu, Light, Crisp

Zeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria

Weibo took down BLG in an incredibly close series, one where TheShy proved himself to be playing in world-champion form against Bin. Though Bin was heavily favored going into the series, this matchup was not close, and TheShy gapping him in top lane was a huge part of why Weibo Gaming secured their path to the Worlds 2023 Finals.

Meanwhile, T1 stopped JDG’s Golden Road dead in its tracks and have secured their own path to the Worlds 2023 Finals. Faker hasn’t won a title since 2016, but he’s looking to add a long-awaited fourth trophy to his cabinet as T1 looks to claim glory for the LCK on their home turf.


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