This is what Payday 3 developers say about the problems regarding cosmetics delay.

The time we have all waited for is upon us, PAYDAY 3 is releasing globally on September 21st!

The launch of PAYDAY 3 is the biggest thing we’ve done as a studio so far. And since we don’t do releases of this scale often, we have run into technical issues with cosmetic DLCs on PlayStation 5. As a consequence of this, PS5 players will not have access to their bonus cosmetics, which includes the Gold/Silver version specific items, the pre order bonus items, and also the Collector’s Edition bonus items on launch day. As these items are cosmetic, this will not affect PS5 players’ progression or gameplay experience, but we understand that this will still cause frustration within our community.

We are working hard to make sure these will be available to you as soon as possible, and our current ETA is to have this fixed by the 5th of October.

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