Cursed Mansion horror RPG sets a perfect date for opening its spine-chilling doors


Classic horror RPG Cursed Mansion gets a Friday 13th release date and a brand new trailer!

Developer Dragon Emperors and publisher Upoint Games have published a brand new Cursed Mansion trailer which reveals January’s perfect release date. Long awaited Cursed Mansion will open its doors, reveal demons wrapped puzzles and call for a wholehearted survival instinct on Friday 13th of January, 2023

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About Dragon Emperors
Dragon Emperors is a video game developer founded in March 2021 from Bandung, Indonesia. Their focus is on making RPG video games, from action adventure to survival horror. Dragon Emperors is supported by the Indonesian Incubator program which empowers game Indonesian game developers to develop game content favored by both the domestic and global game markets.

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