Wingman’s (Q) Plant and Defuse targeting has been improved in order to target
higher locations.
● Audio Improvements

○ Added audio variations for Mosh Pit’s (C) explosions
○ Audio improvements for Dizzy’s (E) plasma blasts, which will help you easily
identify if it’s flying towards you or towards an ally while in the air

VFX Improvements
○ Added VFX to when Gekko is reclaiming an orb, as well as when the
globule reclaim is complete
○ Improved visuals for enemy creature globules
○ Improved performance in Agent Select

● Added “CPU Wait GPU Time” metric to performance settings in order to help
players track when their machines are Render Thread bound


● Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t taking melee damage

● Fixed a bug where ally Gekko orbs were showing up as white outside of custom
● Fixed multiple animation issues across all abilities.
● Fixed UI on Gekko’s ultimate staying on screen if the round ended while you’re
possessing Thrash.
● Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t able to defuse the Spike after using Swap
Team command in a Custom game.
● Fixed a bug where Wingman Spike plant casting allowed him to run too far of a
distance if cast in midair.
● Fixed a bug where damage from Mosh Pit was avoidable while crouch jumping in
the pit.
● Fixed bug where Wingman’s torso wouldn’t trigger Cypher’s Trapwire (C).
● Fixed a bug where the wrong animation played while casting Wingman.
● Fixed a bug where Gekko wasn’t able to plant in Spike Rush if Wingman was
stopped from planting.
● Fixed display name of “Mosh Pit” showing up as “Mosh’s Pit”.

Gameplay Systems
● Fixed a crosshair issue where the Import button is grayed out if the you have 10 or
more saved crosshair profiles
○ The maximum number of profiles is still 15.
● Fixed a bug with damage-over-time area abilities where players could crouch
jump to avoid damage.

● Used Memory performance metric now updates when Total Memory performance
metric is disabled.

● Fixed a bug where in cases of bad platform disconnection, players would appear
more than once in the friends list.
● Fixed a bug where voice tooltips were sometimes incorrectly rendered when
turning Party/Team voice chat on and off.
● Fixed a bug where the invite menu would sometimes flicker.

● Fixed a bug where unfriending an online player wouldn’t update the count of
online friends.
● Fixed a bug where when a player enables Auto-Reject friend requests, any
pending friend requests would still appear. Pending friend requests will now be
auto-rejected when this setting is enabled.
● Fixed a bug where the system notification confirming a sent friend request would
sometimes show whitespace.
● Fixed a bug to add a message notifying players that they will also be banned from
playing competitive queue if they currently have a comms ban.

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