Unbox an epic experience! Boxes: Lost Fragments Coming Soon to Steam!


 Big Loop Studios in cooperation with the publisher Snapbreak Games is thrilled to announce the Steam release for their newest puzzle adventure game Boxes: Lost Fragments.

As a legendary thief, your latest mission leads you to a grand and lavish mansion. Within its luxurious confines, a collection of puzzle boxes awaits, each meticulously crafted for an unknown purpose. What initially seemed like a quick in-and-out turns into your own harrowing struggle for freedom and answers.

“With Boxes: Lost Fragments, we aim to keep the player engaged and fully immersed. We want them to experience the thrill of solving intricate puzzles that challenge their mind and creativity, wrapped into a beautiful, meticulously crafted atmosphere. We invested a significant amount of time refining the puzzles and the story until we got to a point where we were thrilled with how great they turned out, and we are sure that our players will notice.” – 

Boyko Spasov, CEO of Big Loop Studios.

Boxes teaser video:

Game Features

Immersive Puzzle Escape Gameplay:

  • Engage in challenging puzzle-solving within a mysterious mansion.
  • Navigate through a variety of intricate puzzle boxes.

Modern Story in a Classic Setting:

  • Experience a contemporary storyline in a classic, atmospheric environment.

Test Your Mental Acuity:

  • Trigger a sequence of events that will challenge your observation skills.
  • Utilize your creativity to solve complex puzzles.

Interactive Narrative:

  • Each puzzle box reveals a fragment of the overarching story.
  • Your keen intellect is the key to unveiling the captivating narrative.

Wishlist Boxes: Lost Fragments on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2019810/Boxes_Lost_Fragments/

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