Swedish produced Molly Medusa gets a new, extended gameplay trailer


Upcoming indie game Molly Medusa now has an extended gameplay trailer, with even more clips from different parts of the game. The game is packed with hand-crafted characters, who are all ready to become fixed in stone under the Medusa’s curse. Here follows a list of most of the villagers’ names and bios: 

  1. Olympiodora is Molly’s mother, and a vase painter. Her big sunhat could perhaps become a platform to stand on, if it were somehow turned into stone? 
  2. Menelaos is Molly’s younger brother. Their father is a traveler.
  3. Pygmalion is a famous marble sculptor and Molly’s art teacher. He’s a bitter old man, and his relationship with Molly is strained and filled with frustration.
  4. Graeca sells swords and blades from all around the world. Her collection is huge. Where has she traveled in her youth?
  5. Adeimantus is a self-centered bully, but he is also the only person in the whole village who is of Molly’s age.
  6. Hipparchia stands guard at the village entrance. She is also friends with Molly’s mother.
  7. Laërtes guards the village together with Hipparchia. He suffers from terrible hiccups.
  8. Phoebes is a shy and quiet child. They secretly carry romance and poetry inside their gentle heart.
  9. Daphne is an adventuresome young girl. She frequently explores the surrounding forests and might perhaps be the most capable person in the whole village!

Molly Medusa will be released on the Nintendo Switch April 20th, 2023.

About Burning Planet
Molly Medusa’s heavy metal soundtrack is provided by Burning Planet. What began as “Burning Planet Music” in 2015, a music production company for games, has now expanded into an in-your-face, punk driven game publisher – “Burning Planet Digital”. As a publisher, we approach an indie game as if it was a band.

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