Steam Next Fest Demo for An Everyday Story announced


An Everyday Story participates in Steam Next Fest with a brand new demo.

Cactus Production is excited to reveal the brand new An Everyday Story demo for the Steam Next Fest. The demo will go live during the Steam Next Fest starting on June 19.

An Everyday Story is a 2.5D Horizontal Story-Driven Platformer about a man who goes through his life memories. You will revisit the man’s experiences from the perspective of three little trinkets he kept dear; these memories will be filled with oniric and fantastic elements. These trinkets are toys he was gifted by someone he loved or gifted by him to a dear one; therefore they function as a memento of his sliding doors (life-altering moments). You’ll be able to witness both the highlights and lowlights of his life, from his childhood until his last breath. 

The main theme of the game is the melancholy of life, needings and wishes, forgiveness, memories, nostalgia, and family.

An Everyday Story features
The player moves through the Main Character’s memories. All toys have their ability, weakness and strength while the common point is size and fragility. 

Tin Soldier is a fair balanced toy with fair resistance to fire and water:

  • Has a grappling hook (can only be attached to metal objects)
  • Can shoot a sucker
  • Has a parachute (very little directional mobility)
  • Use a lighter to enlighten dark environments

Bat Origami has high mobility but it has low fire and water resistance:

  • Can glide and do a double jump
  • Can thin himself and slide under closed doors or through spaces

Wood Ship has slow mobility but can move on water:

  • Can interact with levers and objects with the anchor
  • Can smash through objects and create new passages

Watch the announcement trailer here:

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