Meet the new Turtle Beach Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station & Headset Stand for Xbox!


Turtle Beach’s New Fuel Dual Charging Station Provides Power for Two Xbox Wireless Controllers for Xbox Series X|S and Offers Convenient Headset Storage

Best-selling gaming headset and accessories maker Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR) has unveiled the new Turtle Beach® Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station & Headset Stand for Xbox. The Designed for Xbox charging station is the second charging station product announced this week for Turtle Beach, following Monday’s Fuel Compact VR Charging Station for Meta Quest 2 reveal as the Company continues expanding into new markets. The Designed for Xbox Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station delivers reliable, ready-for-action power for Xbox Wireless Controllers for gamers playing on Xbox Series X|S through two quick-charging 22+ hour battery packs. The charging station holds two Xbox Wireless Controllers, while the removable headset stand ensures your Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX or other award-winning Turtle Beach headset is closely within reach. The Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station and Headset Stand for Xbox is available for pre-order now from and participating retailers in the Nordic Region and launches December 12, 2022.

“Earlier this week we entered a new product category with the reveal of our Fuel VR Charger and we’re already adding another product to the Fuel family with our officially licensed for Xbox Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “With gamers flocking to the latest Call of Duty and other upcoming holiday game launches, it’s as important as ever for gamers to keep their gear charged-up and ready to go. The Fuel Dual Charger powers-up Xbox gamers’ controllers and helps keep their gaming area clean by becoming a home for two Xbox Wireless Controllers plus a headset when they’re not being used.”

The complete list of features for Turtle Beach’s Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station & Headset Stand for Xbox includes:

·   Long-Lasting Battery Life: Dual battery packs deliver an impressive 22+ hours of battery life per pack and eliminate the need for environmentally harmful disposable batteries.

·   Convenient Charging: Simple drop-and-charge contact points deliver reliable power, and a clear battery level indication makes it easy to keep an eye on charge level.

·   Included Headset Stand: Store* your Turtle Beach or other headset alongside your controllers and be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Plus, the stand is separate from the charging station, allowing it to be placed near the dock, reversed, or in an entirely different location.

*Headset stand does not charge headsets and is for storage/display only.

·   Compact Footprint: Charge two Xbox Wireless Controllers at once and store a headset while taking up minimal space on your desktop or gaming setup.

·   USB-C Charging: The included 3ft / 1m USB-C cable provides reliable charging and just enough cable length for a clean and manageable setup.

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