Designed with input from the world’s top esports athletes, the PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED gaming keyboard is
Logitech G’s first 60% keyboard, designed for the highest level of play.

At about 60% of the size of a full-sized keyboard, the PRO X 60 retains all of the essential keys for
gaming. In addition, the PRO X 60 features the trusted performance and reliability of Logitech G’s
LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and the addition of Bluetooth connectivity; dual-shot PBT keycaps that
let LIGHTSYNC RGB Lighting shite through; game mode switch, volume roller, and other media controls;
and comes with a semi-hard carrying case for easy portability.

Complete with GX Optical switches, with dual-shot PBT keycaps in both tactile and linear configurations,
optical switches provide a significant upgrade from standard mechanical switches by reducing
reliance on mechanical actuation to increase overall switch durability. Unlike standard mechanical
switches, The GX Optical actuates through the power of light, instantly sending your command,
eliminating the debounce required by traditional mechanical switches. With precision and speed, the
signal is unleashed the moment you engage.

Seamlessly connect using Bluetooth®, USB, or unleash speed and reliability with the performance of
LIGHTSPEED wireless.

Win in style with LIGHTSYNC customizable RGB and 3 keyboard colorways: Black, White, or Pink. Compact
control. Zero compromises


  • COMPACT DESIGN: The PRO X 60 gaming keyboard was designed in collaboration with the world’s best esports players—and made available for all. Take your game to new heights and break any barrier between you and the win.
  • DESIGNED WITH PROS: PRO X 60 was born from a collaboration with hundreds of the world’s best athletes and engineered to win championships.
  • GX OPTICAL SWITCHES: In both tactile and linear configurations, optical switches provide a significant upgrade from standard mechanical switches by reducing reliance on mechanical actuation to increase overall switch durability
  • LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS: Harness LIGHTSPEED’s championship-proven speed and reliability—and connect your supported mouse and keyboard with one adapter.
  • READY TO WIN: Including game mode control, dual-shot PBT keycaps, standard keyboard layouts for 3P compatibility, and LIGHTSPEED, Bluetooth®, and USB connectivity options.
  • CUSTOMIZE AND CONTROL: KEYCONTROL, RGB lighting with LIGHTSYNC, plus media controls and a volume roller put you in total control of your game.


To allow Pros more options for customized control on a 60% keyboard, Logitech G introduces KEYCONTROL.

Accessible through GHUB, KEYCONTROL expands the functionality of the keyboard to give additional
capabilities beyond even that of a full-size keyboard. KEYCONTROL provides nearly endless ways to
optimize your keyboard, through the control center players can assign up to 15 functions per key,
allowing for flexibility to customize the PRO X 60 for any scenario or workflow.

KEYCONTROL allows gamers to assign macros, audio and lighting effects, and much more to create a
unique experience.

Players can unleash efficiency by remapping commonly used commands at their
fingertips, including:
● Remap Keys – Effortlessly remap keys to tailor your keyboard layout to your needs. Unleash
efficiency by remapping commonly used commands at your fingertips.
● Assignments – Easily assign up to 5 functions to a single key through seamless remapping.
Assign events and control for your entire desktop to your keyboard.
● Modifiers and Events – Using modifiers and event types to create intricate shortcuts and
commands tailored to your workflow seamlessly.
● Layers – Harness the power of layers, including the Base, FN and G-Shift layers, to expand key
functionality. With layers, there is potential for remapping a key with up to 15 functions.
● Toggle Controls – Toggle KEYCONTROL on or off with ease, allowing you to switch between
personalized setups and default settings effortlessly.
● Community – Join the creativity hub of our Community! Connect with fellow enthusiasts, share
your keyboard customization masterpieces, and discover

● PC with Windows 10 or later and USB 2.0 port
● Internet access for Logitech G HUB Software 2

● Pro-inspired 60% design
● Onboard lighting profiles
● 6 ft detachable charging and data cable
● 1 ms report rate

● Battery Life (Rechargeable): up to 65h
● Wireless Range: up to 10m
● Connection Type: 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED or Bluetooth®

● Height: 29 cm
● Width: 10.3 cm
● Depth: 3.9 cm

● PRO X 60 Gaming Keyboard
● Carrying case
● 6ft detachable USB-C to USB-C cable
● User documentation

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