Lies Of P Dev: Xbox Has Been ’Incredibly Supportive’ With Game Pass Launch


Lies of P developer Neowiz is releasing its soulslike RPG onto Xbox Game Pass this September, and ahead of launch, the team has touched on what it’s been like to work with Xbox on bringing the title to Game Pass. Despite a lot of Xbox’s September focus no-doubt being on Bethesda’s Starfield, it seems as though Neowiz has still been getting all the support it needs.

In an interview with Windows Central, Jiwon Choi, Project Director on Lies of P, explained that Microsoft has been ”incredibly supportive” with the upcoming release.

”Collaborating with Xbox has been an incredibly supportive and rewarding journey for us. Having our game launch on a platform with a massive global subscriber base is a thrilling opportunity… We understand this platform offers a tremendous reach, enabling us to engage with a wide and diverse audience of players from around the world.”

Jiwon Choi, Project Director on Lies of P

We don’t want to keep mentioning Starfield here, but the team is likely pretty pleased for the Game Pass launch given how close the two games drop (Starfield Sept. 6 / Lies of P Sept. 19), at least on the Xbox platform. The service’s built-in audience means millions of players will have the chance to play both games at no extra cost!

If you want to remind yourself about how Lies of P is looking in the run up to launch, we’ll drop a recent gameplay demonstration down below, along with some of our impressions of the Xbox demo. The game is looking stellar so far – Game Pass fans are eating good this September!

Source: purexbox

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