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A brooding painter, Hwei creates brilliant art to confront Ionia’s criminals and to comfort their victims. Not without his own troubled history, he is haunted by his overflowing imagination and the loss of his island temple, which comes back to him in the form of intense, emotional visions. Hwei shares these visions to ease his troubled self, while treading a path toward the one who both devastated and unlocked his artistic mind—Jhin. With his paintbrush and palette in hand, Hwei journeys to earn closure or perhaps, embrace despair.

“Art, life, death – all I’ve seen, all made clear.”


In game, Hwei possesses unprecedented gameplay potential, being League of Legends’ first champion with the capability of casting ten unique spells. Hwei’s basic abilities belong to one of three spellbooks, with each ability sharing a cooldown with others in the same spellbook. Each spellbook features its own artistic subject that determines its abilities’ qualities – Subject: Disaster focuses on the relentless and destructive forces of nature, Subject: Serenity provides invigorating and sustaining energy, and Subject: Torment boasts powerful crowd control effects. Although Hwei has access to a vast array of spells, artists aspiring to unlock Hwei’s full potential will need to be selective about the abilities they use in every situation.


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