Crafting An Eternal Tale: First Deep Dive Video For Vampire Dynasty Delves Into The Storytelling


Development studio Mehuman Games and Publisher Toplitz Productions are happy to invite you to take a look behind the scenes of the development of Vampire Dynasty. The first video in a series of ‘Deep Dives’ will give you a glimpse into the storytelling of the highly anticipated game. The blend of action-adventure with open world exploration, intense combat, extensive castle building and an engrossing tale about the burden and pleasure of eternal life as a vampire will be released later this year.

Captivating characters, intriguing storylines, harsh choices and consequences: Vampire Dynasty not only feeds on blood, but also on tropes and clichés associated with the mythical beings that feast on humans’ vital fluid to thrive and survive. The team from Mehuman Games made sure that their storytelling expands on well-known myths as well as folklore, while adding a few fresh twists and turns to the níght loving undead.

In the video, Ian Giedrojć, Sound and Game Designer on Vampire Dynasty, gives an in-depth look into the storytelling process and the connected elements that are used to enhance the gaming experience and make the fictitious area of Sangavia more tangible.

Vampire Dynasty | Deep Dive #1 – Storytelling (

More deep dive videos are planned for the coming months, taking a look at the fighting mechanics, the world building, the music of the game, thrall management and much more.

Further information on Vampire Dynasty can be found on the official Steam product page, where it also can be wishlisted. The game is slated for an Early Access release later this year.

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