What is Consolidate?

In August 2012, the first Consolidate event was held in Jönköping during the so-called Jönköping party (city party with the theme of sports and leisure). The Consolidate concept was created primarily to support and bring console games into e-sports. Today, Consolidate works to promote e-sports and strengthen associations, players, and organizers by focusing on their needs and letting everyone participate regardless of game, platform or commitment. We want to showcase the entire e-sport through everything from the unknown games to the biggest titles in the e-sports sky. We want practitioners to increase their understanding of other practitioners and platforms other than what they themselves are used to. Consolidate will work to promote local actors to work with digital cultural expressions such as e-sports, cosplay, coding, LAN, and other expressions. We want to help and support to promote the good values that exist in digital culture.

Consolidate 2023

Consolidate 2022

Gislaved Våren 2022 16-17 April

Nässjö Våren 2022