Wisdom Watcher, a Clockpunk VR arcade shooter, enters early access on today.


Join the early access today and help shape the future of your next favourite VR game.

Milan, Italy – December 12, 2023 – Space Whale, an indie game studio with experience in developing and publishing VR and multiplatform games, is proud to announce that their new game, Wisdom Watcher, is now in early access on Steam, and Applab for $14.99/€14.99. 

Wisdom Watcher is an arena-based, first-person VR action/shooter game set in a clockpunk universe where the player takes on the role of a young pilgrim of the Wisdom Watchers, an order that strives for the advancement of humanity through the ongoing study of astral magic. It is this very magic that will transport you to the astral dimension, where you must contest against the terrifying inhabitants that were born from ancient and uncontrollable energies. Overcome your fears, venture into diverse arenas with different gameplay modes and challenge astral adversaries to achieve top scores. Your prowess can secure a position on the competitive monthly and seasonal leaderboards, granting you exclusive rewards. Master your arsenal by purchasing, upgrading, and equipping weapons with unique abilities to tailor your strategic approach. Harness the power of collectible cards, utilizing their passive skills, or deploy them to construct practical in-game items such as barricades, traps, and explosive barrels. Delve into the arenas and stay alert as both the environment and enemy behaviours continuously evolve. Be wary, the ever-changing energies of the astral dimension might call you back to battle at any moment.

Join the early access today and help shape the future of your next favourite VR game. In this early access release, Wisdom Watcher adds a bunch of new features for players to enjoy:

  • A brand new card system

Players will now be able to equip cards before entering combat to change the way they play completely. Cards will have various effects including weapon buffs and building environmental assistances like barricades

  • New weapon system

Weapons can now be purchased, upgraded, and equipped, each offering unique abilities for strategic use in gameplay.

  • A brand new ‘multi-level’ arena, Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate features  multiple platforms, connected by a boardwalk suspended above lava. Fight your way to success, just watch your footing. 

  • New gameplay mode: Nightmare Guardian

Stay within the boundaries of a circle, and prevent monsters from lingering there. 

  • New enemies

Introducing the game’s first mini-boss, Bauk. Bauk hails from another astral plain, a shadowy beast-like creature towering three stories tall ready to devour everything in its path. 

Following on from the recent demo release, Space Whale has listened to community feedback and is releasing early access with a bunch of new features and upgrades. Included in this release is a brand-new tutorial system, with each part segmented and available separately. A new progression system with achievements, where progression points earned by playing the game can be used to unlock weapons, new arenas, and gameplay modes. With a complete combat overhaul, melee weapons will feel better to use, enemy interactions have been improved including weak points, and mob difficulty balance changes. To top it all off, a brand new in-game UI and player HUB for a clearer and more accessible gameplay experience.

Enjoy all of the above as well as a multitude of existing different weapons, destructive and evolving environments. Plus monsters that exhibit social behaviours, undertake tasks, form alliances, and modify the surroundings. 

Wisdom Watcher invites players to confront hordes of over 20 mobs simultaneously, all while experiencing outstanding real-time in-game lighting, and evocative European-inspired arena locations.

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