The futuristic adventure is finally here, FARSIDERS beta available now on Steam!


A futuristic world of tales and magic awaits you in FARSIDERS, on Steam now!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the fantastical world of FARSIDERS. With a unique blend of immersive storytelling and captivating gameplay, join us on July 19th, 2023, as GambitGhost Studio releases the Beta version of this experience on Steam!

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A Saga in Six Acts

The game is divided into six enthralling acts, each offering its own set of challenges, mysteries, and surprises. The Beta version will launch with Acts 1-5, giving players an extensive taste of the adventure that lies ahead. Act 6, the final act, will be an eagerly awaited addition updated soon.

“While we understand the anticipation for the complete story, this strategic decision ensures that we deliver a polished and stable gaming experience to our players” – GambitGhost Studio Team

Act 6: A Grand Finale

While the Beta version might not include Act 6 initially, the team wants to reassure players that the final act will be worth the wait. The team is committed to delivering a polished and unforgettable conclusion to the saga. Act 6 will be released as an update later.

“By staggering the release of Act 6, we can ensure that the game’s overall stability is maintained, and any potential issues or bugs are resolved. This approach allows us to address player concerns effectively, delivering a gaming experience that exceeds expectations.”
– GambitGhost Studio Team

Other updates: Difficulty, Localization, and Save Slots

After the release of Act 6, the team had plans to add difficulties, localization, and save slot updates to the game. Determined to keep players engaged and exhilarated, the team placed great emphasis on implementing challenging difficulty levels. Thai is going to be the first language for localization, with plans to include additional languages down the line. Moreover, players were eagerly anticipating the introduction of a robust save system, granting them the freedom to explore different gameplay scenarios through an expanded range of save slots.

Experience the thrill of Acts 1-5, and get ready to witness the epic conclusion in Act 6, coming as a free update later. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary quest that will leave a lasting impression on your gaming experience. The countdown begins—will you be ready to answer the call?

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