The Carnival and Budgies appear in RIFT


Celebrate Carnival 2022 plus Budgies are back – in the Budgie Carnival Celebration

gamigo is pleased to announce it has assembled a hefty collection of in-game events, quests and items for the “Budgie Carnival Celebration” in its fantasy MMORPG, RIFT.

The Budgie Madness Event is back for two weeks! Saddle up and enter one of the daily races in Cape Jule, Freemarch, Pelladane or Silverwood. If combat is more your speed, then accept the Minions of Migration quest and complete an expert dungeon successfully or win a warfront in the “Birds of a Feather Train Together” quest. By completing these daily quests, players will earn Chaos Motes that can then be traded in to earn their own Budgie mount. For the Budgie curious players, there are also a bunch of new quests available from Frank Stroher, the event NPC, and even more Chaos Motes as rewards!

Celebrate 11 years of RIFT with the Carnival event! Enjoy the anniversary decorations in all major cities and go on daily or weekly quests within the next four weeks. Race around the carnival grounds, catch as many frogs as you can for the frogwrangler, play a classic game of Memory Match or search for the many pinatas to see what they contain – these are just a few of the many fun activities available to celebrate this occasion. The Carnival World event will take place between April 13 and May 10.

With Easter around the corner, RIFT offers an opportunity to celebrate this holiday with a set of themed items: put on bunny ears (which come in a couple of variants) or transform yourself into a cute little bunny.

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