Sociable Soccer 24: Community feedback & charity prioritized in Steam patch


Tower Studios’ FIFPRO licensed Steam football game, has released the latest in a series of community led patches aimed at tuning the gameplay to perfection and adding a bit of humanity to the playing field.

Jon Hare of Tower Studios and formerly Sensible Software, knows a thing or two about refining a football engine until it purrs. “Football games are organic and with every patch, update & season we sculpt a better experience for the player with Sociable Soccer. Our new ‘Patch of the Day’ offers significant improvements, particularly to controls, AI & goalkeepers:-

  •          Improved ‘aftertouch’ giving more power and bend to shots
  •          Goalkeepers can now tip the ball over the bar and around the post
  •          AI does chip and pass slides and headers are more varied
  •          Goalkeepers obey back pass rule and don’t stray outside of box
  •          AI goal kicks, ball bending and shooting is much more varied
  •          Reworked header and deflection logic for both player and CPU.
  •          Improved goal line clearances for CPU players.
  •          Player has more control of slide tackle direction
  •          Improved AI goal line clearances and idle animations
  •         A huge new variety of emergent gameplay on the pitch

    Meanwhile around the pitch the goal nets have undergone structural improvements and the speakers, banner art and hoardings have all had love applied. The virtual hoardings around the pitch are now proudly promoting two UK games industry led charitiesPlanet Play and Safe in our World. “Football has always been a great way to get the message out about important issues, so it is great to see Sociable Soccer 24 follow in that tradition and deliver key signposting for our video game mental health charity Safe In Our World, to directly help its gamers,” says Chair and Co-Founder, Leo Zullo. Rhea Loucas founder of environmental charity Planet Play added “It is great to see Sociable Soccer 24 incorporating our positive message in the game in such a smart way, thanks to the team at Tower Studios our message of helping the planet while playing is delivered to players authentically”.

Check out Sociable Soccer 24 v1.2, on special offer here & get involved:

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