”Play with Pride. Those of us who work with Druidz always strive for an equal and inclusive environment where everyone can be a part of the fantastic world that gaming culture is. Whether it’s digital games, esports, or role-playing, we want, together with Nässjö city and ABF LGBTQI+ activities, to create a meeting place where we come together, play, and discuss how we can improve but also showcase good examples within the gaming industry. Join us during Nässjö’s Love Week at Pigalle during Thursday’s Nerd Cafe.”

We have over 15 roleplaying games with us from FRIALIGAN. Were you can try or just read. We also have 10 XBOX series X/S with us together with Xbox Gamepass so you are free to play as much as you like and also talk about games with us. We can help you with what games to play and why. Inspiration or just a fan.

Join us at Nässjö city Pigalle September 21 at 17:00 – 20:00

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