Nordcurrent expands its portfolio with acquisition of legendary Cinemaware catalog


Nordcurrent, a well-known developer and publisher of successful mobile games, and a growing player in the PC and console gaming industry, proudly announces the acquisition of Cinemaware’s legendary catalog of games from Starbreeze Entertainment. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with the company’s vision to establish its division Nordcurrent Labs  as a powerhouse in the PC and console games publishing sector.

CEO Victoria Trofimova commented on the strategic significance of the acquisition, stating, ”Since the inception of our PC games publishing division less than three years ago, we’ve been on a mission to build a robust business unit for PC and console games. Acquiring Cinemaware’s catalog is a crucial step in this journey, providing us with opportunities to enrich our portfolio with well-known titles.”

Known for iconic games from the 80s such as Defender of the CrownWingsThe King of Chicago, and S.D.I, the addition of Cinemaware’s legendary titles enhances Nordcurrent’s portfolio significantly. Trofimova expressed enthusiasm about the prospects, stating, ”We are proud to add such titles to our portfolio. We are looking into opportunities to remaster those games for PCs and consoles, bringing them to modern audiences and evoking nostalgia among those who played them in the 80s.”

While specifics about remastering plans are still in development, Trofimova revealed that Defender of the Crown would be the first to undergo the process. ”Our game design team is working on the concept and styles, but it is too early to share more about plans and dates.”

Victoria Trofimova, CEO Nordcurrent

The acquisition complements Nordcurrent’s existing lineup, which includes RPG games like Ocean’s HeartGreedventory, and Red Daze. The company aims to elevate its portfolio with the addition of Cinemaware titles. Trofimova emphasized: ”We believe Cinemaware titles are a significant level up for our portfolio.”

Nordcurrent envisions cross-collaboration and synergy between the newly acquired titles and current projects, fostering an environment where high-quality gaming experiences thrive. While no specific partnerships or collaborations involving the Cinemaware catalog have been announced yet, Nordcurrent remains open to future initiatives that contribute to the growth of its PC/console games publishing division.

To the passionate fanbase of Cinemaware’s games, Trofimova expressed: ”As gamers ourselves, we are huge fans of and hold deep respect for the original Cinemaware games. We will ensure that remastered versions look and feel as authentic as possible. We want the future players of our Defender of The Crown to say – yes, that’s the one!”

Nordcurrent looks forward to an exciting future as it continues to strengthen its position in the gaming industry with the addition of Cinemaware’s legendary catalog.

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