LEC Malmö 2022 Press conference with winners Rogue and losing team G2



What happened today?

  • Rogue came up with a very good plan. We couldn’t come together after game 2.

What happende today, Jankos?

  • All of us could be playing better and we all agree that we played badly today. Made wrong decisions, especially in game two.

What was the preparation like?

  • Try to focus on plans that were neutral to Fnatic and Rogue, bot lane focus.

How do you envision your next performance in New York, Caps?

  • We have a new Bootcamp, there is a lot of room for us to improve. We can for sure do more damage as well when coming well prepared.

What was the sensation playing in the arena, Flakked?

  • I haven’t played in such a big arena before. I felt pretty comfortable, we had a lot of fans supporting us. We just didn’t perform as we should’ve.

Caps, what was it like having so many home supports from Denmark?

  • It’s nice to be in a stadium again. It felt great to have fans and family in place. It felt good. I’m just sad that I couldn’t reward them all with a victory.

How does it feel losing the domestic finals?

  • Caps: It feels bad. If we lose the world then the season is over. It feels so weird that we have to play so soon. I feel out of place.

What was the mentality behind the picks, Brokenblade?

  • It didn’t work today, but Aatrox is usually winning the lane.

Very many people are being skeptical, how do you look back at your year in LEC?

  • Flakked: I’m happy with the year so far, I have improved a lot. But I have a long way to go.

Are you feeling more comfortable as support?

  • You can’t do everything for your team, especially when the team is frustrated.

What are the priorities in the Bootcamp?

  • We would like to look forward and come prepared when the patches drop, what would we like to play with the thought of the meta.

How does it make you feel when your fans are still cheering for you even when you lost, Jankos?

  • I feel grateful and I’m happy for our fans. It really felt different now when we are at the stage and not online.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the team, Romain?

  • You suck, and I suck. We have the right mix of experience and background, so we have to go back and practice more. We feel terrible, especially when we gave up. We have a lot to look forward to. I’m really proud of them.


What pushed you to be more daring?

  • We realized really early that we have to make our place on the map. Having confidence as well.

Trymbi, how’s the evolution been on getting comfortable on stage?

  • I just felt at home, we just knew that we would be comfortable playing. I just wanted to play good games and have fun.

Odoamne, what does it feel like being in the best team of the year?

  • It feels pretty awesome, we felt sure a lot of times. It feels to finally show up the way we did, such an important game.

Odoamne, what are you emotions? What was on your mind when you lifted the trophy?

  • Just in shock and disbelief. A moment I have been chasing for 8 years when we took down the nexus.

Comp, how much more do you have to give?

  • I don’t really feel like that I have a limit, we’ll continue to improve. I’m really looking forward to bot lane competition.
Malrang JG Rogue

Malrang, how do you feel about going to New York?

  • It feels amazing.

Freddy, how are you feeling after such hard work?

  • I’m still a bit numb, I’m still in shock because it’s been a long journey for me. The crying will probably come later.

Larsen, do you feel like you are missing something to become THE midlaner?

  • Missing 7 more titles…

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