We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Hall of Legends Event Pass and Collections, celebrating the incredible career of our very first Hall of Legends inductee, Faker.  

The Hall of Legends seeks to recognize and immortalize professional players for their remarkable journeys within League of Legends. To properly commemorate these legends, we have created a series of highly commemorative collections and a special event pass. Our inaugural collection honors Faker, capturing the essence of his iconic plays, champions, and unforgettable moments. We are also proud to announce that we will be reinvesting back into the esports ecosystem. Inductees and teams will receive 30% of the revenue earned from the sales of the pass and collections. 

The Hall of Legends event features three distinct Collections and a comprehensive Pass that players can purchase and enjoy: 

The Hall of Legends Pass 

The pass includes 100 levels of earnable content through gameplay, featuring the exclusive Faker-themed Mythic LeBlanc skin. 

Risen Legend Collection 

This bundle includes the base Risen Legend Ahri skin, which maintains a single form throughout the match, along with various new cosmetic features. 

Immortalized Legend Collection 

The Immortalized Legend Collection offers the upgraded Ahri skin, which evolves during the match as you accumulate gold, along with additional cosmetic features. 

Signature Immortalized Legend Collection 

For the ultimate Faker fan, this bundle includes augments for both the Ahri and Leblanc skins, along with exclusive cosmetic features. 

Event Timeline 

Start Date: June 12 

Pass Progress End Date: July 8 

End of Hall of Legends In-Game Moment: July 15 

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