FUZED launches 3,000 sqm training facility in Sweden


Swedish esports startup FUZED has launched a 3,000 square-meter (sqm) gaming training facility situated in Helsingborg, Sweden.

According to a release, the facility’s concept is centred around promoting an active lifestyle by combining gaming with physical activity and healthy food. 

The venue will have 16 gaming rooms, 10 racing simulators, an interactive LED-powered sports floor, as well as social spaces and lounge areas. 

Founded in late 2021, FUZED aims to build ‘next-generation training centres’ that align gaming and sports, with a particular focus on Sweden. The company currently has joint ventures with Swedish municipalities and businesses. Esports veteran Tomas Lyckedal, formerly of Dreamhack and a part-owner of Black Molly Entertainment, is an investor in the company. 

Alongside providing three hours of free gaming time every day, FUZED will also offer training programmes for esports. These programmes will focus on diet and physical activity, highlighting how both of these factors can help improve performance. 

Karl Sergel, CEO of FUZED, commented: “Helsingborg City is known for being innovative, and with the largest municipal investment in esports in Sweden it feels fantastic to be able to guarantee everyone’s participation with our unique free2play model. 

“Now the journey begins to build the same infrastructure for esports that traditional sports have had for decades.”

Source: https://esportsinsider.com/2022/09/fuzed-launches-training-facility-in-sweden

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