Exclusive insights and survival strategies for SERUM


Developer Game Island and publisher Toplitz Productions invite you to explore the dark and menacing world of their first person survival adventure game SERUM. Presented through a series of video insights, the videos delve into various aspects of the game including survival tactics, deadly threats, vital resources and other gaming tips. 

SERUM emerged as a standout among the crowd during Steam Next Fest, ranking among the top 50 most played demos out of 1150 others! Additionally, it secured an impressive 17th place in the list of most-followed demos during the event. Players will also be pleased to know that the SERUM Next Fest demo has been extended and is still available to play until Monday 19th Feb.

The game is driven by a unique game mechanic: the mysterious elixir (serum) is crucial to your survival in an infected world, a lifeline that has a curing effect of the Blight, a man-made catastrophic event that has devastated the world. Against the urgency of time, Serum will propel players to discover how this vital liquid can prolong their existence, amplify their abilities, and enhance their hand crafted arsenal of weaponry. The video series reveals more details about the game, the mutated creatures, and the challenges that players will need to overcome.

Further details on SERUM can be found on the game’s official Steam page, its Discord page and through its regular devlogs and X (Twitter) diary, revealing more about the world, crafting and macabre dangers that players will encounter.

Wishlist the game on Steam here.

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