Druidz Esports is making a triumphant return with a fresh lineup.


Druidz Esports is making a triumphant return with a fresh lineup. For several years, our focus has been on exploring other ventures and contemplating the direction of esports, as well as considering what Druidz can offer. These times are challenging for everyone, impacting not only traditional sports but also the realm of esports. The profound effects of COVID-19 are still present, influencing various aspects of our current landscape. Navigating this new climate proves to be particularly demanding when it comes to engaging sponsors and organizing events.

In the face of these challenges, Druidz believes that now is the opportune moment to make a bold comeback. Thirty years ago, Druidz originated in a humble house in Jönköping. Seven individuals, driven by a passion for technology and gaming, embarked on a journey fueled by curiosity and a shared desire to create something meaningful together. Though we find ourselves in the same physical location today, the distance we have covered, figuratively and literally, is immense. Over 30 years, we have accumulated invaluable experiences, triumphs, and setbacks, forging lifelong friendships.

Today marks a pivotal moment as we extend the same transformative journey to a new generation of players. We proudly introduce Druidz Counterstrike 2, welcoming:

  • Andreas ”Wolfy” Forsberg Wulff
  • Christoffer ”pvz” Svensson Ögren
  • Leo ”sterb1te” Råsander
  • Jonathan ”Hunken” Campbell
  • Isak ”Str4tis”

As we embark on this exciting chapter, Druidz Esports is poised to write another chapter in its storied history. Together, we look forward to creating a legacy that spans another three decades, filled with victories, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Welcome to the next era of Druidz Esports!

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