Dare to enter the Forgotten Caverns in Aura Kingdom


gamigo is asking the Envoys of anime MMO Aura Kingdom to be wary when they venture into the “Forgotten Caverns” in patch 86. They would be well advised to bring a companion along to watch their back.

Plenty of adventures await players in the latest update for Aura Kingdom including:

  • Anti-Epidemic Attack: Let’s make Azuria a healthy environment and prevent the invasion of the virus! All Envoys with a character level of 25 or higher are tasked with visiting Terrence in Navea to receive their share of hygienic face masks for distribution. Logging in daily provides the ”Home Epidemic Prevention” buff, which offers additional benefits.
  • Prism Collection Event: The new Prism Collection Event is all about collecting as many Prism Shards as possible. This limited time event includes new and exclusive items that can only be obtained by exchanging Prism Shards with the NPC Isaac to get the ‘Prism Tears.’
  • New Dungeon “Bond – Secret Grass Kingdom”: Players with a Slvl10 or higher should head to Gloomy Ridge to find this new dungeon. They need to be careful though since normal attacks don’t work there. To figure this out, Envoys need to bring a battle buddy – only the power of two gives them a chance to succeed.
  • Daily Quest “Eidolon Gossip Chapter 13 – Cesela”: The Moon Goddess wants to be the lead singer of a band and the players must find out why.
  • New Quest “Deity Cultural Relic”: This new Mirabelle quest requires a group of five players of at least level 25 to go to Crescent Hill to the Fame Bulletin Board to accept it. If the players are successful, they can receive the reward “Cultural Relic Lucky Pack”.
  • Legendary Battle – Beast Master: Stop the powerful monsters that suddenly appear by using unique items residents of the border village have. Experience the legend first-hand by challenging the Beast Master with your party of five to win the battle. The reward “Legendary Victory Treasure Chest IV” beckons!
  • Navea Event – Toxic Crisis: The city of Navea is suffering from a Poisonous Worm problem and is now in quarantine! Envoy, ask Gray to take the Poisoned Villagers back to the Safe Zone. But be careful you don’t become poisoned yourself!
  • In addition to these new adventures, more quality-of-life improvements have been implemented (for example, the new feature: Buff Icon Optimization) that will make the lives of the Envoys easier.

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