Boxes: Lost Fragments will be out on Steam 1st of February


On the 1st of February 2024, Big Loop Studios, in collaboration with publisher Snapbreak Games, will release ’Boxes: Lost Fragments,’ a fascinating puzzle adventure game. Fans of the genre will be thrilled to unravel the mysteries hidden within a grand and lavish mansion and its set of puzzle boxes.

Get a glimpse of the game and watch the latest trailer here:

’Boxes: Lost Fragments’ is designed to immerse players in a cryptic atmosphere, intricate machinery, beautiful 3D graphics, and seamless controls rivaling the finest escape room games. The game unfolds across five chapters, each tied to distinct sections of the mansion. The player steps into the shoes of a legendary thief, who must solve a series of unique puzzle boxes to escape.

During production, the developers received critical feedback from their community that played the game’s Steam demo. This resulted in significant expansion, introducing a new game mode and more challenging puzzles. The final product reflects not only the dedication of the team but also the invaluable input from their fans, creating a more immersive and satisfying experience.

Boxes: Lost Fragments on Steam.

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