Valorant Patch Notes 6.07

Also in this patch notes: Sova’s Recon Bolt has some updates and there are also changes to
our AFK/queue dodging interventions system.

● Visual updates to our in-game UI indicators (the yellow and red UI that appear when
utility is around you or you are taking/about to take damage).
● Added a small animation to our Yellow Directional Indicator.
UI Indicators Update
In an effort to consolidate and make consistent our use of UI indicators throughout our
roster, we’ve updated some abilities to have or not have UI indicators.
● Reyna
○ Yellow indicator removed from Leer (C)
○ Critical danger indicator added to FRAG/ment (C)
● Skye
○ Yellow indicator removed from Seekers (X)
● Killjoy
○ Yellow indicator removed from Alarmbot (E)
● Chamber
○ Yellow indicator removed from Trademark (C)

● Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) has been updated to correctly appear when playing with
Bloom (graphical effect that makes things brighter) turned off.
● Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) scanning VFX has been updated to be more visible as it
travels through the world.
● Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) model has been increased in size to more accurately
represent its hitbox. This will not affect lineups. The collision as it travels is

● Exit room for B Long to A Lobby teleporter has been moved to outside A Bath.

● A Lobby has been adjusted to accommodate the new teleporter location.

● Doorway from A Lobby into A Bath has been widened.

● Doorway from A Bath to A Site has been widened.

● Radianite crates on A Site have been adjusted.

● Barrel has been added on A Site.

● Back wall on A Site has been adjusted.

● Defender Spawn to B Site doorway has been widened.

● Utility window has been added to B Site into B Hall.

AFK/Queue Dodging
We have made improvements to our interventions system for violations when it comes to
player participation.
● We’re increasing the amount of Ranked Rating loss for repeated ranked queue
● We’re introducing a 1 day ranked restriction for people who frequently take part in
excessive AFK behavior, sooner than previously introduced ranked restrictions
You can read more about this here [add website link].

● Projectiles will now reset their blue travel trail when teleporting, removing the line that
connects from teleporter to teleporter. This trail is only visible to allies.

Gameplay Systems
● (late notes for Patch 6.06) Fixed a bug where Agents are able to drop both primary
and secondary weapons while planting or defusing the Spike.
● Fixed a bug in the minimap where teleport abilities can reveal an Agent’s out-of-sight
minimap location when under packet loss.
● Fixed an issue where some players’ outline/fresnel were displayed even when “Hide
Outlines and Fresnel” setting was enabled.
● Fixed a bug (previously fixed in 3.10 but cases of this issue were recently reported)
where sometimes outgoing packet send rate was lower than intended for game
clients running at > 128 FPS.
● Fixed issues where vision cones of vertical wall-type abilities (Phoenix’s Blaze (C),
Viper’s Toxic Screen (E), Harbor’s High Tide (E)) could flicker or distort on the
● Fixed a bug where the social panel from the in-game options screen was sometimes
getting stuck open (for example when you opened the social panel, closed the
options screen, then opened the options screen again).
● Fixed a bug where when the in-game language is Arabic and you enter an English
word first in a chat message, it would break the right-to-left format standard of text in

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