Audiopocalypse, the Festival of Legends Mini-Set for Hearthstone, is coming May 31


The Audiopocalypse is nigh! On May 31, Hearthstone releases 38 all-new cards in the Festival of Legend Mini-Set, Audiopocalypse. E.T.C. himself takes the stage, along with new dual-class combinations and a guest appearance from a demonic favorite in the Tavern Brawl and Battlegrounds. 


The Festival of Legends has been rocking on for a while now, and the Grimtotem Tauren of Thousand Needles are fed up with the noise! E.T.C has picked up his guitar and asked of all the competing bands of the festival to join forces against the Grimtotem and save the fate of music on Azeroth! Will you let music be snuffed out, or fight to keep the good vibes flowing?


  • Nothing hits quite like the shared experience of attending a festival, and attendees know it. Those with eclectic taste have chosen to show their love for multiple musical genres with all-new dual-class combinations, including both minions and spells.
  • There are also new Remixed cards that gain a bonus effect in your hand, shifting effects with the rotation of each turn. 


  • The Eternal Conflict has spilled over into the Tavern! Diablo himself will be returning as a hero to the Battlegrounds from June 5-7. Plus, check out the Diablo-themed Tavern Brawl, running two weeks in a row from June 7-21. Test your bravery against the mysterious Dark Wanderer in this epic boss battle (where progression is saved across each run!) and earn a sinfully awesome cardback reward. 


  • Show off your bookish side with new classical story-themed cosmetics. There’s something for everyone, including the studious Bookworm Elise, the stately Gargoyle Guldan, and the handsome Frog Prince Thrall. Available in the shop!

Card reveal, Hearthstone 26.4

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