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Druidz E-Sport is a multi gaming organization located in Jönköping Sweden. We work with a lot of different things but the main focus is to help and support youth and E-sport athletes and the grassroots. We work with a variety of brands and partners so that we can help you or your team with whatever your needs are.

As a member, you have the chance to become the Pro player you want to be or juts connect to other fellow gamers.

As a regular member, you get

  • Access to our Discord
  • chances to win exclusive games
  • Book our E-Sport Arena for boot camps
  • connection with over 8000 gamers
  • Use our gamer tag Druidz or DRz as gamer tag
  • Exclusive deals with our partners

As a Stream member, you get

  • Partner deals
  • Lan support
  • Druidz E-Sport Player Jersey
  • Help to boost your stream

As a Pro member, you get

  • Pracc Server
  • email
  • Travels to LAN and Tournaments
  • Druidz E-Sport Player Jersey
  • Coach
  • Sponsored Deals

Current Games and Teams

For all you Valnir Rok gamers.
This is Druidz Counterstrike GO Team
This is the group for all communiyt members that help and support Druidz E-Sport

Counterstrike GO


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