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This is the group for all communiyt members that help and support Druidz E-Sport
For all you Valnir Rok gamers.
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We are happy to confirm that LITTLE HOPE, the second story in THE DARK PICTURES…

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NPD Data from 2010-2019 Shows Turtle BeachSold the Most Headsets in Terms of Both Revenue and Units February…

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With millions of units sold worldwide, TEKKEN 7 continues to bring more fighters into the…

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Monsters in all shapes and sizes threaten the peace in Valnir Rok – nobody is…

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A new set is on the horizon, so we’d like to share the new set…

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 Patch 0.9.0 brings with it the first card updates of open beta, along with tweaks…

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Map 1 Quarter finals Bo3 Map 2 Quarter finals Bo3 Map 3 Quarter finals Bo3

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Don’t have that much info but we will post as long as the tournament progress….

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Riot Games, producer and publisher of League of Legends (LoL) have today announced the European League…

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Valnir Rok is a multiplayer survival roleplaying game in a Viking setting with quests by…