Dreamhack 2019 Winter edition is just that nice.

DreamHack sanctuary

It is winter and it’s cold and we are in Jönköping at the largest computer festival on earth. Loud noise and loads of RGB, this is a sanctuary for all the geeks and nerds.

I like that Dreamhack takes security seriously but the really need to make it more efficient. A massive horde of LAN participants was stuck between the gates and the entrance and it took a while before you could get into the actual LAN.

Foto: Andreas Westman

When you come to Dreamhack there are two separate LAN areas the 20+ and the BYOC area. There are also an expo and an e-sport area. The big Byoc area is massive with a large stage at the end of the big room. The stage is filled with music, artists and different talents sharing the stage over the hours the LAN event is open. Right now the rock act Amaranthe is playing.

We are right now at the pressroom but we will do one more walk to the stage to see Halestorm and then home. For all you young party people there is more. In the city the E-sport bar KappaBar is open and also O’learys doing E-Sport theme. For us – time to sign out.

And yes there will be more pictures and also an E-sport post but that will be later cya.

Foto: Andreas Westman

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