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Tv-spel blir allt vanligare som inspiration för casinospel.
Missa inte ikoniska FPS:en Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare som enarmad bandit! Lär dig allt om casino och ge dig ut på jakt efter miljonerna via datorn eller mobilen!


Counter-Strike: Source - Vitriolic Gaming adds US css team!

2009-08-21 13:07:45 / E-sport / Av: 37

Vitriolic did announce a new addition of a counter-strike: source team from the North-America, almost every player from the team had played in The Championship Gaming S...

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Call of Duty 4 - TBH.MSI adds a few players

2009-08-21 00:47:36 / E-sport / Av: 51

TBH.MSI is looking a head for the futue and was thinking this line-up should be big enough for now

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Call of Duty 4 - Vitriolic just got alot stronger!

2009-08-20 10:01:17 / E-sport / Av: 51

Vitriolic Gaming changes their line-up and find themselves stronger then ever before!

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Call of Duty 4 - dailyGAMERS Host Their Own Team

2009-08-20 01:18:09 / E-sport / Av: 51

6 players from 3 different teams, is this the Swedish ownage recipe?

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More vids from Dreamhack Sthlm

2009-08-20 00:25:28 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

More vids from Dreamhack Sthlm this time Street Fighter 4

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After Dreamhack comes the sun or in this case the vids...

2009-08-19 23:42:04 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

Dreamhack Sthlm is over and done, After an event like this there will always be follow ups from various sites and bloggs. Here is one from ctrlaltelite, and a good one aswell.

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TMNF - Team Dignitas Goes For The Top Spot with HotSWAT

2009-08-19 01:46:33 / E-sport / Av: 51

Team Dignitas takes the gold at the WCG Ireland 2009 Qualifiers with Trackmania and goes to China

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the eXperience - Counter-Strike: Source Final Standings

2009-08-03 17:08:23 / E-sport / Av: 37

The eXperience has come to an end and RedLine was the team that won the whole tournament UNDEAFETED! Our Counter-Strike: Source team came third in their grou...

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the eXperience are experience problems.

2009-07-31 13:24:30 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

Problems over at the eXperience due to tecnichal difculties delays todays schedule.

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the eXperience - up and running. Source updates*

2009-07-29 13:15:51 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

Once again the danish E-Sport event hosted by roskilde E-sport is Live. We dont expect any thing less than a super event with great stream provided by.......

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Webhallen Summer Championship 2009

2009-07-27 20:29:32 / E-sport / Av: Robin Skoglund

This time around they load the cartridge with Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360...

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Counter-Strike: Source - Team Thermaltake with changes

2009-07-22 20:33:50 / E-sport / Av: 37

This team were placed fourth at the last German EPS and had now announced a r...

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Counter-Strike: Source - OOF3 Final Standings

2009-07-22 19:48:09 / E-sport / Av: 37

Here is the final standings in Counter-Strike: So...

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Call of Duty 4 PC - mTw picks up Orange!

2009-07-21 21:10:25 / E-sport / Av: 37

mortal Team work has announced that Orange! will be joining up the organization. The team has previously playing for EnRo Griffins with great l...

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Call of Duty XBOX - Team CoolerMaster adds FresH

2009-07-21 21:00:44 / E-sport / Av: 37

Team CoolerMaster has announced that FresH will step into the team after they lose...

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Counter-Strike: Source - cZar picks up

2009-07-20 21:55:03 / E-sport / Av: 37

cZar as organization has been inactive for a couple of months, and now they are back with a new counter-strike: Source squad. The team are going to atte...

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Counter-Strike: Source - Team CoolerMaster with changes

2009-07-20 16:22:27 / E-sport / Av: 37

Team CoolerMaster has announced that Sadegh "ShadowmaN" Mzadeh will be replaced by Kevin "kev1n" Hansen. TCM would be seen on both t...

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Team YoYo Tech drops TF2 and 360 sections

2009-07-18 19:00:27 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

Team YoYo Tech drop their TF2 team today. The team did realy well and and according to YoYou tech website "The team and our Operations Manager Pukz depart with immediate effect." Team-YoYoTech played in UKeSA, ETF2L and EMS.

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EVO Street Fighter IV Qualifiers

2009-07-18 00:57:30 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

The 2009 Evolution Fighting Game Championships is scheduled for this weekend at the Rio Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. When I write this the promised stream from the event are still down. But here are some of the Qualifiers to saturdays semifinals rounds. Ill try to keep you posted.

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The eXperience chooses to cancel DOTA tournament.

2009-07-17 23:36:13 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

The eXperience chooses to cancel DOTA tournament. Where are all the DOTA gamers? Are they not intrested in cash? Here is in short what you can read about this over at the experience.

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Counter-Strike: Source - Outpost on Fire event is coming closer

2009-07-17 21:26:08 / E-sport / Av: 37

Outpost on Fire 3 is coming closer and the groups and seedings for the Counter-Strike: Source tournament have been released. The tournament have 16 t...

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Call of Duty 4 PC - Roskilde Ravens releases new team

2009-07-17 21:13:43 / E-sport / Av: 37

Roskilde Ravens has today announced a new call of duty team, the team has former played as Boomtown and are one of the best teams in Den...

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Call of Duty 4 PC - Promodlive version 2 released

2009-07-17 20:39:25 / E-sport / Av: 37

A new version of promodlive has been officially announced and has the following improvements from ver...

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Halo 3 - Crack Clan adds Baxter

2009-07-16 21:31:52 / E-sport / Av: 37

It was announced yesterday that Jack "Baxter" Baxter are joining up with Crack Clan. CC were looking for a replacement after Omega left the team. Baxter has previous play...

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Counter-Strike: Source - Hoorai adds Head and Disruptor

2009-07-16 14:09:24 / E-sport / Av: 37

It was announced yesterday that hoorai have finalized their Counter-Strike: Source roster after losing Patrick "mEijin" Kriebus and Felix "fel1x" Zch to pla...

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mTw Counter-Strike: Source with lineup change

2009-07-06 19:19:09 / E-sport / Av: 37

mTw has decided to do a roster change after winning the 14th German EPS season and they are signed up for the eXperience. We w...

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diamondZ adds finnish call of duty 4

2009-07-05 16:42:26 / E-sport / Av: 37

Some days ago we saw on Cadred that diamondZ have added the Finnish Counter-Strike: Source team zOo. Now they have picked up mY Little Pony Fa...

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Team CoolerMaster v Dignitas EPS Final

2009-07-04 22:24:07 / E-sport / Av: 49

After the many weeks and month which the UK EPS has streched out, the final was upon us. It came down to the current title holders of the UK EPS - Dignitas, versus the team which has only recently been announced as the best team in europe - Team Coolermaster. We all knew it was going to be an intense game and the suspense would be high, and this wasnt just speculation, it was fact. The game was drawn out over three maps; Citystreets, Strike and Backlot.

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Björn "threat" Pers breaks new record officialised by Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2009

2009-07-03 23:53:15 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

A new record was set at DreamHack Stockholm on Monday 15th June for the "most kills in Counter-Strike (Valve, 2003) in 12 hours". The record is 518 and was achieved by Björn ''Threat'' Pers (Sweden) at DreamHack Summer 2009, Jönköping, Sweden.

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dignitas/HELL wins ESL Quake Live 1on1 League Spring 2009 Playoffs

2009-07-02 20:50:36 / E-sport / Av: 37

The final of ESL 1on1 League Spring were played yesterday and over a best of 3 format. Aeron-Anton "HELL" Jones was the person who to...

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H2K-Gaming counter-strike: source call it a day

2009-07-02 20:32:35 / E-sport / Av: 37

Two days ago H2K.css, did decide to call it a day and leave the organization. The team hold for 6 months and that is pretty rare for a top swedi...

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Team Druidz Gears of War 2 at Dreamhack Stockholm 2009

2009-06-30 14:44:41 / E-sport / Av: Robin Skoglund

Datorn har under en längre tid dominerat E-sportscenen på DreamHack. På DreamHack Stockholm (13 – 15 augusti) kommer ändringar att ske då DreamHack...

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DSRack Call of Duty 4 PC recruits two Ravens players

2009-06-29 23:20:35 / E-sport / Av: 37

Mik "Champ" Bødtker and Steffen "zENTSE" Vester were announced today that they are going to start playing with DSRack. They are from the old Roskilde Ravens team that folded some weeks ago and we are going to see the...

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30P-Gaming counter-strike: source announces full lineup

2009-06-29 22:50:21 / E-sport / Av: 37

30P-Gaming announces full lineup after that Alexander "folke" Bengtsson and Oscar "osvaR" Sandgren joined the organization without any team mates. They are going to attend the eXperience in the end of July and there we gonn...

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Play Halo Developers On Bungie Day.

2009-06-26 19:30:07 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

Special 'Bungie vs. The World' playlist will have plenty of maps.

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Torch relay, which officially signals the beginning of WCG 2009, was started.

2009-06-26 02:38:54 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

WCG 2009 torch relay is a virtual, online torch relay with torch icons on official WCG website ( with greetings from past WCG champions. This year's torch relay begins in Singapore, where the WCG 2009 Asian Championship is held, and travels around 11 countries in 80 days to finally end up in Chengdu, China, the host city of WCG 2009 Grand Final.

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Vitriolic Gaming adds Call of Duty 4 PC

2009-06-22 12:22:07 / E-sport / Av: 37

Vitriolic Gaming has announced that they have picked up the former team Dfiance gaming and we wish them good luck in their...

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Giants.css moves to paradOx gaming

2009-06-21 14:20:04 / E-sport / Av: 37

It were announcement yesterday, that former Team Giants.css has move to parad0x gaming because of the communication between the m...

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The Swedish AIM champion Björn "threat" Pers sets the new record at Dreamhack.

2009-06-18 20:39:55 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

QPAD, the Swedish company famed for its premium gaming gear, today announced the result of the Guinness World Record attempt at Dreamhack the biggest lan party in the world, taking place last weekend between 13-16 of June.

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QPAD Guinnes World Record at Dreamhack Summer 2009

2009-06-15 15:07:12 / E-sport / Av: Anton Samuelsson

QPAD takes on Guinnes World Record in Counter Strike...

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DreamHack Quake Forever Final!

2009-06-14 17:55:18 / E-sport / Av: 38

LocKtar and Nabbe is ready for the final of Quakeworld in Quake Forever at DreamHack Summer 09!

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DreamHack Quake Forever!

2009-06-14 11:50:32 / E-sport / Av: 38

The group games is over in the quakeworld tournament.

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Team Druidz - Dreamhack is LIVE

2009-06-10 11:18:31 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

The world's biggest computer festival is coming closer and last year we saw 12.768 persons check in for DreamHack. The gates for this edition of DreamHack Summer opens this Saturday 08:00 and closes 10:00 on Tuesday. - Blog, News, Pictures and Scores

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Quake Forever Dreamhack Summer 2009

2009-06-09 17:29:45 / E-sport / Av: 38

Quakeworld, Quake 3 (CPM) and Quakelive, with 30 000 SEK in pricemoney!

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New Swedish server for Quakelive

2009-06-05 16:09:14 / E-sport / Av: Andreas Westman

New server hosting and new server in Sweden thanks to Excellent-servers.

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EGC releasing GoW2 rules!

2009-06-03 16:30:38 / E-sport / Av: Robin Skoglund

Today EGC released their first set of rules for Gears of War 2...

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Dignitas with new Gears of War 2 lineup

2009-05-29 17:06:52 / E-sport / Av: 37

Team Dignitas has announced that Joshua "Loco" Nino De Guzman is gonna step down from online tournaments...

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Ministry of Defence adds counter-strike: source again

2009-05-29 16:36:38 / E-sport / Av: 37

Ministry of Defence have picken up the danish source überG33KZ that have made some good results against top European teams recently.

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H2k Call of Duty with full lineup!

2009-05-28 23:58:08 / E-sport / Av: 37

H2k Call of Duty console have been having problems with their lineup for a long time and have now finalized their lineup.

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YoYoTech Call of Duty 4 PC announces their 5th

2009-05-26 09:07:45 / E-sport / Av: 37

Yesterday did Team YoYoTech announce their 5th for the call of duty pc squad.

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