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Tv-spel blir allt vanligare som inspiration för casinospel.
Missa inte ikoniska FPS:en Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare som enarmad bandit! Lär dig allt om casino och ge dig ut på jakt efter miljonerna via datorn eller mobilen!


MTG acquires Dreamhack AB

2015-11-12 09:59:31 / Druidz / Av: Andreas Westman

Today you could read on Dreamhack official page about Dreamhack change ownership. Will this be a good thing or will it be just another way for MTG to be the absolutely biggest ESport act in the world.

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Introducing Your First 104 Xbox One Backward Compatible Games LIVE this Thursday.

2015-11-09 16:46:04 / Druidz / Av: Andreas Westman

Some of my favorites are included, like the complete “Gears of War” catalog, “Assassin’s Creed II,” “Fallout 3,” “Borderlands,” and “Castle Crashers.” The full list of the first 104 games is below and can also be found on And, as I shared at Gamescom, going forward, all Xbox 360 games available through Games with Gold after Nov. 12 will be playable on Xbox One.

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2015-11-09 10:27:21 / Artiklar / Av: Andreas Westman

Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced the launch of Activision Blizzard Studios, a new film and television studio devoted to creating original content based on the company’s extensive library of iconic and globally-recognized intellectual properties.

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Ozone Road to Worlds - The future has been written. Will you be part of it?

2015-11-09 10:22:02 / Druidz / Av: Andreas Westman

LCS World Championship Finals is one of the biggest eSport event in the World, millions of fan are awaiting to see which team will be proclaimed the world champion of this season. The international gaming peripheral brand, Ozone Gaming, has organized one of the biggest sweepstake ever given on the gaming sector. A chance to take part at LCS World Championship Finals in Berlin. With this giveaway Ozone Gaming is giving the opportunity of watching the best progamers of all times fighting for glory. This contest will be available from 22th September at 2:00pm (CET) to 5th October at 5:00 pm, at this time the giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced on the Social Media channels of the brand.

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2015-09-28 07:16:24 / Druidz / Av: Jennifer Söderberg

I'm gonna be at GameOverHate, follow me!

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Coffee Break ep04 Destiny

2015-09-22 21:41:43 / Druidz / Av: Andreas Westman

We play the great game from the creators of Halo . watch us LIVE right now.

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Druidz|L33genD Interview Series #1 : Xavier " Zoot " Dhorne

2015-09-14 18:49:37 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

Find out the After-Quake-Con interview with the best Quake-Live caster !

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Rotakorn Gaming present Argon unboxing

2015-09-14 18:49:09 / Sponsorer / Av: Andreas Westman

Rotakorn gaming unboxing Argon a great mouse from Ozone.

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Leaked informations about the Next Quake-LIVE update

2015-08-04 17:44:04 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

And probably the last update that Quake-LIVE will ever get....

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Vega joins the roster of Street Fighter V !

2015-08-03 16:44:32 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

And you can check out the trailer right now...

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Evo 2015 Final results ( Street Fighter IV, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros.melee, Mortal Komba

2015-07-21 17:32:38 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

The biggest fighting game tournament is over, here are the full results of all the tournaments that were run during a 3-day non-stop action !!!

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Evo 2015 is over and we have a Swedish World Champion!

2015-07-20 09:01:55 / Druidz / Av: Tommy Leon Andrén

Swedish God Armada takes first place in SSBM! Japan did it in USF4.

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle vote for xbox 360-version!

2015-07-20 08:22:17 / Druidz / Av: Tommy Leon Andrén

update: sorry for this news. It's a updated one since way back.

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UGC Season 4 enters playoffs tonight!

2015-07-12 13:04:05 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Due to season being shortened because of the upcoming "The International" playoffs have already started!

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2015-06-25 15:06:02 / Druidz / Av: Alexandra Dahlberg

We're excited to announce that Fallout Shelter, the first mobile title set in the beloved Fallout universe, quickly became the #1 downloaded game in 48 countries and the top downloaded app of any kind in 25 countries following its release on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Bethesda presentation at E3 ! Including Fallout 4 and Doom Gameplay Footage !

2015-06-19 15:31:20 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

Yep, check out the newest Doom and Fallout 4 in here...

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Druidz HoN Team fighting for the gold at Dreamhack

2015-06-13 10:26:25 / Druidz / Av: Andreas Westman

Hon are back at Dreamhack and so are we. With a team that will ofcourse not give anything away for free

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Druidz.Dota2 premier in UGC Gaming League tonight 20.00!

2015-06-07 18:40:08 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Another season of the UGC league begins tonight and DRUIDZ.DOTA2 will be playing in the central invite division.

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Druidz action all day!

2015-05-30 17:58:50 / Druidz / Av: Jennifer Söderberg

Wanna know what our teams are up to?

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The curious case of vanishing lore

2015-05-10 18:53:20 / Druidz / Av: Hugo Swenson
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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide: Getting to Division 1 and winning the title

2015-05-04 23:34:32 / Druidz / Av: Patrick van Ank

An easy-to-understand guide by Druidz.Patjuh that covers very basic aspects of improving your play and allowing you to climb the FUT season's ladder!

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Druidz at RZ 2015 3-6 of april!

2015-04-07 13:22:07 / Events / Av: Jennifer Söderberg

Follow us both on the stream and the updates I will give you during RZ

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Interview with Insomnia's Champions, Team Druidz !

2015-04-05 21:23:05 / E-sport / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

featuring laowai and iceberg

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2015-04-05 18:13:44 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson
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Druidz.Dota2 rolls over opponents for a 3-0 sweep in group stages of Insomnia 54!

2015-04-04 09:50:26 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

First day is over and we're approaching playoffs.

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Druidz attends premier e-sports event The Party 13, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2015-04-03 18:52:48 / Druidz / Av: Patrick van Ank

Druidz attends Benelux pro-circuit e-sports event The Party with 7 players, participating in CoD4, Hearthstone and FIFA15!

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Druidz.Dota2 vs WP.GG in Pro League Season 12 tonight 17.00

2015-03-31 15:30:47 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Druidz.Dota2 continues StarLadder PRO League season 12 tonight vs WP.GG!

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Druidz picks up British CS:GO team!

2015-03-30 21:16:42 / Druidz / Av: Kristofer Lager

Druidz picks up a British CS:GO team to compete at i54 during the easter weekend. As the British CS:GO scene has been growing bigger in the recent time Druidz decide to act and pick up a team to send to i54 to compete against the top teams in Britain.

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Druidz premier in Starladder Pro Series Season 12 tonight 20.45!

2015-03-25 19:38:36 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Druidz start off their PRO league season tonight vs PAPAGAJ

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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Announced !

2015-03-23 19:18:19 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

After 7 years from the launch of the original game, we are finally getting a Special Edition...

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Dragon Ball XenoVerse DLC #1 is out !

2015-03-18 23:42:04 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

And it is about Dragon Ball GT

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Druidz vs Team Decerto

2015-03-17 09:07:53 / Druidz / Av: Kristofer Lager

Ikväll klockan 20:00 möter våra hjältar i blått Team Decerto i ESL Open League Playoffs Ro16.

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Druidz vs Wizard ikväll 19:00

2015-03-12 15:03:17 / Druidz / Av: Kristofer Lager

ESL CS:GO Open League Playoffs Winter 2014/15 Druidz vs Wizards Ikväll spelar Druidz Cs:Go mot det spanska laget Wizards Missa inte matchen som börjar klocka 19:00 på

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Druidz.Dota2 vs TEAM GO in Golden Esports Season 3 19.00 Tonight

2015-03-05 16:29:56 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Second match of the league tonight!"

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Unreal Engine 4 is now Free !

2015-03-04 22:30:10 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

Yep, it's true, Free for everyone !

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Druidz.Dota2 opens up with a victory in Golden Esports League Season 3!

2015-02-27 16:31:34 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Going up against Winterys Vrede, Druidz secure a good start with a solid win.

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A New challenger joined the team in Street Fighter V

2015-02-24 21:44:17 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

Yep, it is Nash AKA Charlie....

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Golden eSport: Season 3

2015-02-22 19:34:58 / Druidz / Av: Isaak Terlis

The Compete for 30,000 SEK!

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Half Life 3 might just be released in 2016

2015-02-17 20:08:26 / Druidz / Av: Hugo Swenson
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Druidz.Dota2 qualifiers for Starladder Pro Series Season 12!

2015-02-14 19:49:40 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

Druidz.Dota2 secures PRO Series participating after winning EU Qualifier!

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Newest title by Ubisoft "Grow Home"

2015-02-08 18:23:42 / Druidz / Av: Mohamed Sofien Abassi

It's more like an Experiment than a game...

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Riot Games working towards new servers for North America

2015-02-06 17:41:35 / Artiklar / Av: andrew ferguson

A simple breakdown of the impact new servers will have for North American league players

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Pantamera CsGo Tournament@Inferno Online

2015-02-06 13:40:44 / Druidz / Av: Christian Ståhl

This weekend the Pantamera Cs.Go Tournament will commence.

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Druidz.Dota2 playing Swedish Masters qualifier today!

2015-01-31 11:04:14 / Druidz / Av: Emil Gustafsson

While the "mini international" Dota2 Asia Championship is going on in the east part of the world, the swedish masters qualifiers have started back home!

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It took some time but here it is, Druidz Dreamhack Video

2015-01-29 23:56:33 / Druidz / Av: Christian Ståhl

Took some time to get this ready for different reasons, but better late than never. We went around and interviewed people around the event.

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Grim Fandango Revived, Repolished, Remastered

2015-01-29 17:19:23 / Artiklar / Av: andrew ferguson

An old classic revived, what you can expect in the new version.

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Arlandagymnasiet (high) E-Sport

2015-01-28 16:59:18 / Druidz / Av: Christian Ståhl

in Sweden a new line of studying is popping up Arlandagymnasiet E-Sport Linje (program)

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Grand Chase Crawling its last Dungeon

2015-01-24 14:13:01 / Artiklar / Av: andrew ferguson

How a fun game went from good to bad and what we can learn from it

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