Ninja is the rouge streamer, leaving twitch for Mixer.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is no longer streaming on Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. He is now on the Microsoft owned MIXER.

Since the start of the successful battler royal game, Fortnite Ninja started to stream and got a huge follower base. At this point, he had over 14 million followers and a sponsor deal with Redbull. He is the biggest name in streaming for the broad mass and well known and at the same time, he is the biggest streamer on Twitch.

Microsoft owned streaming platformed called Mixer are at the same time trying to get a pice of the streaming cake. Mixer is a really nice platform with good possibilities and functions the only thing they need is the personalities like Ninja.

Right now Ninja has over 1 million Subscribers and over 2million followers at Mixer and this just 2 weeks after leaving Twitch. A great move from both Microsoft and Ninja and I can only see the benefits of this. Ninja says he can focus on streaming and getting back to the roths and Microsoft can boost Ninja nad there own platform with a star.

I really think this is a good choice because Ninja doesn’t need to focus to get more subs because he already got a deal and can do better content and bigger shows and at the same time helping Mixer to grow. Over at twitch that would be impossible.


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